Friday, March 16, 2012

DVD Review: Genesis, Babel & The Chinese Language

Several years ago I purchased the DVD Genesis, Babel & The Chinese Language by Dr. Andy McIntosh when Ken Ham was in town preaching. The cover of my copy differs from the image shown on the left.

Dr. McIntosh may not be the vibrant charismatic speaker people this day in age have grown accustomed to based on the current style of preaching found in American Mega-Churches. Nevertheless, he provides a lot of interesting information regarding how the Chinese characters are derived from other characters and illustrate stories inherent in how they are formulated. I found some information similar to what is provided in this DVD at

Shown below is an image from Objective Ministries which is exactly like one of the Chinese word Dr. McIntosh mentions in his lecture on the DVD.

Noah, Shem, Ham, Japeth and their wives totaled eight people on board the Ark.

Another interesting thing to note is a book that he references titled Maps Of The Ancient Sea Kings which shows how ancient maps depicted the Antarctic shoreline when it is currently hidden underneath ice sheets. I'll post a review of that book at a later date.

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