Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Review: Scientific Creationism

When I was still a teenager I saw some videos of Ken Ham presentations with my church youth group. Having been interested in dinosaurs when I was even younger, I found the curriculum quite fascinating. Naturally, when I saw the book Scientific Creationism by Henry Morris at a local Christian bookstore at the mall I had to get it. My copy is the 16th printing from March, 1991.

This book is an excellent resource for the young earth creationist. Not only is it a good overview of various aspects of the creation/evolution debate but it also provides the various assumption and issues regarding various radiometric dating techniques.

Another excellent trait about this book is that it provides a list of ages based on the influx of various elements from rivers into oceans. This dating technique was first suggested by Edmund Halley. Other dating methods are also mentioned such as the rate of the earth's magnetic field decay or the influx of particles from space to the earth.

This book not only presents the differences between uniformitarianism and catastrophism. In the chapter concerning a Biblical interpretation of creation, Morris also presents concepts such as Progressive Creation, Theistic Evolution, the Day-Age Theory, the Gap Theory, and the Framework Hypothesis, along with why they are incompatible with scripture.

Overall, while this is an earlier book on the subject of creation it is still an excellent resource and is highly recommended for anyone to read.

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