Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Big Bang And The Bible

Many people do not have a well developed creation cosmology. Either they believe that the waters above the firmament are clouds or a canopy of water that used to exist high up in earth's atmosphere or they embrace the Big Bang cosmology and end up believing an old earth view.

Although the discovery of the red shift lead to a Big Bang cosmology whereas the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation cemented it as the prevailing cosmology among old earth uniformitarians, there is no need to reinterpret Genesis 1 so that it conforms to a Big Bang Cosmology. This does not mean that the Big Bang Theory and the Bible agree with each other. Remember that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump and therefore a Big Bang cosmology is not really the means God used.

While the Big Bang Theory is the main cosmology embraced by old earthers, it is not the only one. The Quasi-Steady State Theory, Plasma Cosmology, Meta Model Cosmology, Variable Mass Cosmology, the Universe Cycle Model and the Aetherometric Model are other cosmologies used to explain inconsistencies with the Big Bang Theory. Many young earth creationists also have differing cosmologies based on their interpretation of Genesis as well as their understanding of the universe. For example, Dr. Russell Humphreys, in his book Starlight and Time, presents a cosmology based on a white hole, instead of a black hole (which he explains in his book). Dr. Jason Lisle, presents the anisotropic synchrony convention as a means to explain distant starlight and claims that gravitational time dilation embraced by Dr. Humphreys is not significant enough to explain distant starlight in a young universe. As a side note, the current observed size of the universe is too large even for a Big Bang cosmology where an accepted age for the universe is 13.7 billion years. Therefore, a better understanding of the propagation of distant starlight through the vacuum of space is warranted.

Due to the fact that there are differing cosmologies among both young and old earthers, it is evident that we do not yet comprehend the entire scope of the nature of the universe and much further research is required. Hopefully the insight gained from this video can provide one with a better understanding in how observations agree with the Bible, and inferences made by old earth uniformitarians from these observations defy logic.

Disclaimer: Since making this video, I realized cosmology which better explains how God created the cosmos. Stay tuned.

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